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Vadim Katorgin painter was born 1964 y. Russia Moscow watercolor and oils

With 1995 participated in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad:
1997 Moscow Centr House Artist collective show "Autumn-97",
1997 april Moscow House of Journalist (personal Watercolorses)
1998 march (personal) club "Amerikan Express"
1999 april Moscow House of Journalist (personal butter, watercolorses)
1999 Germany Kyolin (personal) gallery "Illusion"
2000 december Moscow Centr House Artist collective show "Society of free artists"
2000 april Moscow House of Journalist (personal butter-genre)
2001 december Moscow "Arty. Playpen" (joint)
2003 Church in Kosma and Damian (Moscow city) (personal)
2003 Moscow Centr House Artist in the Krimskiy Val Str.

Work base in private collections of Russia, Ukraines, Germany, France, America, England, Spain. mob. +7 916 192-3571

Malahov Konstantin - a painter
Malakhov Konstantin - the painter, the Member of the International Art Fund (IFA) and
the Trade union of Artists.
His works are in the assembly Kolodzei Art Fondetion and in the Russian Fund of
Since 1991 accepts active participation in art exhibitions in Russia and other
1991 - the All-Union exhibition of the Russian artists (Moscow)
1995 - a group exhibition, gallery "On Soljanka street" (Moscow)
1997 - a personal exhibition "80 pictures", the Russian cultural center (Cairo, Egypt)
1999 - a personal exhibition, gallery "Bark" (Skopje, Macedonia)
2000 - participation in the international festival "FOKOM-2000", the Small arena
2000 - a personal exhibition in gallery "A-Z" (Moscow)
2001 - the international festival of galleries (Magdeburg)
2002 - participation in charitable auction "Operation of the Hope", the Russian fund of
culture (Moscow)
2003 - the international festival marginal arts, curator - N.Blagodatov (Sankt-
2003 - a group exhibition of modern Russian artists from collection Kolodzei Art
Fondetion, the Russian embassy (New York), curator - N.Kolodzej
2003 - a group exhibition "The Finds", club-gallery "The Fly", curator -I.Daniltsev

tel. +7 (095)346-22-40 mob. tel. +7 (926) 522-02-76, +7 (926) 276-21-86

Maria Arendt artist of Moscow
Maria Arendt is a young original and skillful artist with her own distinctive niche in contemporary art life. Her works belong to a rare, uncommon genre — she embroiders them with a religious theme, but they are not icons, as one may think at first glance. M. Arendt unites tradition, and current trends, thus filling old plots with a new interpretation, and classic themes acquire modern meaning due to composition and the sophisticated approach of the artist to her material. Maria Arendt combines embroidery and the application of fragments of authentic old cloths, which add unique flavour of antiquity to her works. Her colors are emotionally expressive, although the artist uses only several main colors and their shades.
Maria Arendt participated in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad her works have won acclaim in both Moscow and London.
E. Bubnova

1968 Was born in Moscow.
1980-e Occupations graphic arts with grandmother - Ariadnoy Arendt, the known sculptor animal.
1988 Okonchila Russian artistic school of the aplied arts.
1989-1994 Worked the artist-designer.
The First experiences in the field of machine graphs and kolaj, study icongraf and technology embroider ancient russian of the icon, making the original author's technology embroider icons.
with 1989 Constant participant of the artistic exhibitions.
since 1997 Member of the Moscow Alliance Artist (MSH), section monument art.
since 1998 Member to International Federation artist YUNESKO (the Moscow branch).
2000 period of trial in Assotiations artist Sent-Anri (France).
2001 custom-tailored work for temple of the Death on Vrazhke. (Moscow) Lives and works in Moscow.
Work are found in meeting russian muse, as well as in quotient collection to France (Tuluza), England (London), USA (NEW YORK) and Canada (Toronto).

The Jubilee exhibition Russian artistic school aplied arts. The Central house of the artist, Moscow.
Woman in art . The Gallery Homestead , Moscow. Monumentalinoe art . The House of the artist on Kuzneckom, Moscow. Fish, as she there is . The Gallery Three buildings .
Cristmas . The Gallery Homestead , Old New year . The Gallery Rose Azora , Padekatr . The Central house of the artist, Moscow. 1997 Family Arendt . The Moscow House of the sculptor. Family Arendt . The Museum M.CVETAEVOY, Alexander. Koktebeli, Punishment-Dag . The Show room Vyhino . The Youth exhibition. The House of the artist on Kuzneckom, Moscow. 1998 Personal exhibition Alive cozy corner Marie Arendt . The Gallery Moscow Fine Art, Moscow.
20 years bul'dozernoi to exhibition . The Gallery Ramenki , Moscow. Vertep 2000 . The Gallery Gelimana, Moscow.
The Personal exhibition Handiwork. The Graphics and icons . Russian gallery on Vozdvizhenke , Moscow. Alphabet . The Gallery Grant , Moscow.
The Exhibition-auction Association des Artistes de Sent-Henry , Tuluza. Day saint Valentina . The Gallery Project OGI , Moscow. 2001 Icons for Easter , Athelhampton House, London. e-mail:

Artist from Moscow - Russia. Was born in 1940 y. Not study.
Painting oil - tree, paperboard, canvas.

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